Lloyd Evaroa

Lloyd Evaroa

I'm an online marketer

Marketer and amateur developer. Addicted to great email campaigns and WordPress. Fan of exceptional rum, baggy jeans and brilliance.

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8 Steps to Social Media Best Practice

Here is a “roll up your sleeves” guide to posting and responding on social media. But before we get into the dos, better make sure that you stay away from any fire starter situations. Avoid doing…...

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Online Marketing Checklist for 2014

What do you need to have in place to insure that 2014 meets or exceeds your marketing goals? The tools available to marketers and executives are in constant change. New technologies are creating new …...

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5 Website Features to Get You Ahead of the Rest

A bad website can cost you jobs. If it is unbearable to look at, hard to find detail, slow to load, doesn’t load… visitors leave. You need to have a well built site. And these days that isn’t e…...

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6 Reasons Why Email Marketing for Small Businesses Makes Sense

If your job is to get more sales coming out of the marketing machine, chances are that email would be an asset to your marketing plan if you are not already using it in some shape or form. Consider t…...

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8 Questions to Ask When Getting a New Website

If you are thinking about getting a new website that will be the focal point of your online marketing, what should you look for when hiring a website designer, developer or agency? This will vary bas…...